Hard Floor Cleaners

Powerful Suction + Hydro Mopping at the same time

Discover a new way to deep clean hard floors and refresh area rugs. Shark HydroVac vacuums, mops, and cleans itself at the same time, tackling everything from everyday dirt and debris to spilled cereal, dropped food, muddy footprints and wet messes. Hard Floor Cleaners are perfect for homes with pets and children.

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Ready to stock up? Our hard floor cleaning solution is developed specifically for use with Shark HydroVac, and formulated with Odour Neutraliser Technology to eliminate stubborn odours on floors and area rugs.


Klik ‘n' Flip Technology

Vacuums, mops & cleans itself at the same time

Smashed an egg on the kitchen floor? Dropped a bowl of cereal and milk? No need to worry. Shark HydroVac cleans using powerful suction and hydro mopping at the same time, deep cleaning hard floors and freshening area rugs. Perfect for homes with pets and children.

Dirt Grip Technology

Deep clean hard floors

HydroVac removes spills, everyday dirt, and odours from all sealed hard floors, pulling in wet messes, dirt, debris and grime to leave a clean surface that you can walk on almost immediately

Lift-Away Technology

Clean & refresh area rugs

Instantly refresh area rugs and floor mats, removing surface dirt and odours. The ultra-fast dry time means you can walk on floors almost immediately after cleaning.

Steam Blaster

Odour Neutraliser Technology

Shark’s multi-surface floor cleaning solution with Odour Neutraliser Technology helps to eliminate stubborn odours on floors and area rugs, and helps to prevent odours from reforming, for a fresher-smelling home. It dries quickly and leaves no residue.

Cleaning solution refills are available to purchase directly from Shark.

Steam Blaster

Starts clean, stays clean

HydroVac Technology helps to keep the brush-roll clean and odour-free. Shark’s anti-microbial brush-roll* helps to prevent odour and bacterial growth between uses.

Steam Blaster

Easy to empty

Separate tanks keep clean and dirty water separate. Quickly dispose of dirty water mid-clean with ‘Express Empty’.

Steam Blaster

Self-Cleaning Mode

When you’ve finished cleaning, place on the dock and run Self-Cleaning Mode. The brush-roll, floorhead and interior tubing will be thoroughly washed and dried in just minutes, ready for the next use.


Shark's HydroVac 3-in-1 Hard Floor Cleaners wash and vacuum your floors simultaneously - combining powerful suction with wet mopping - while Steam Mops clean using the power of steam alone. 
As often as you think is necessary! Busy areas prone to wet spills, dirt and debris should be washed and vacuumed regularly, while less used areas could last up to a fortnight.
Shark HydroVac is only designed to deep clean hard floors and freshen area rugs.

*The brush-roll in this product contains a biocidal product – silver sodium hydrogen zirconium phosphate. The biocidal product helps to resist bacterial odours on the brush-roll.