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Deep cleaning power, for all of life’s messes.

Shark’s innovative carpet cleaners and spot washers combine powerful Shark suction with precision cleaning technologies and specially-designed active formulas – delivering a deep clean on carpets*, rugs, upholstery, car interiors and more.

Goodbye spills, stains, dirt and odours; hello fresher-than-ever home.

Carpet Cleaners
Spot Cleaners

Find the best Carpet & Spot Cleaner for you

Klik ‘n' Flip Technology

CarpetXpert: 8x deeper clean than a regular vacuum**

Effortlessly clean and revive your carpets with Shark’s full-size carpet cleaner range, combining powerful suction, a high-pressure spray and high-speed brush-roll to instantly remove odours and erase dirt and grime.

Dirt Grip Technology

StainStriker: The best stubborn stain remover***

Eliminate tough stains and odours anywhere in your home with StainStriker, Shark’s powerful handheld stain and spot cleaner – available as a lightweight, portable spot washer or integrated into a CarpetXpert model.

Lift-Away Technology

Dual-activated cleaning solution

StainStriker combines 2 bespoke formulas – CarpetXpert Deep Clean Pro and StainStriker OXY Multiplier – to double down on stains and odours with 20x more stain-striking power†. No pre-treat required.

Steam Blaster

Easy stain & spot cleaning

With a flexible hose and interchangeable attachments, Shark makes it easy to remove pet stains and odours, mud and dirt, spilled drinks and other stains from carpet and area rugs, upholstery, stairs, pet beds, car interiors and more.

Shop CarpetXpert & StainStriker Formula Refills

Stock up on Shark’s bespoke formulas to keep your spot cleaner or carpet cleaner ready for action – so you’re always ready to shampoo carpets and rugs, or use Shark’s dual-activated solution‡ to tackle stains and spots.

Frequently Asked Questions

A carpet cleaner uses water, detergent and suction to deep clean carpets and rugs, pushing water into the carpet and extracting it with powerful suction to leave it clean and fresh. 

A spot cleaner is a smaller, more portable version of a carpet cleaner, designed to remove stains, spills and spots from small areas – perfect for washing sofas and upholstery, car boot and floor mats, and removing stubborn stains from carpets and rugs. 

Got a stain on your carpet? From spilled drinks to stubborn dirt, some stains are too tough for a vacuum cleaner alone to shift. 

If you own a spot cleaner, use the recommended setting for carpet to lightly work at the stain until it begins to lift. Try the spot cleaner on a small, hidden area first to ensure the colour doesn’t lift. 

If you don’t have a spot cleaner, check out our guide to common carpet stains – and how to get rid of them. 

You can use a spot cleaner to target a stain on your carpet, but remember that spot cleaners are designed to focus on small areas and usually have a precision nozzle, so won’t be much good for covering large surfaces – if you want to clean a whole carpet or rug, go for a full-size carpet cleaner. 

Please note, Shark carpet cleaners are not suitable for use on wool carpets. 

Spot cleaners and carpet cleaners both have a place in the cleaning cupboard – the right one for you depends on your needs! If you want to focus on cleaning upholstery or removing stains, opt for a spot cleaner. If you need to generally freshen, brighten and clean your carpets, choose a full-size carpet cleaner. Shark also offers hybrid models that incorporate both elements. 

*Not suitable for use on wool carpets. Check the product instructions for further guidance. Always perform a patch test prior to using.
**Tested against Shark NV602UK.
***For verification email
†vs Shark Deep Clean Pro Formula.
‡StainStriker models only, excludes EX150.